Alphabet - ਪਹਿਲਾ

- ਛੱਛਾ - chhachhaa - twelfth letter of the Gurmukhi alphabet.

Name: chhachhaa
Shape: ਛ - see note*.
Spelling: ਛੱਛਾ
Sound: 'sh' as the 'ch' in 'chef' or the 'sh' in 'shop'
Type: Consonant

On the right, in the animation, you add the final vertical bar in just by continuing with the last curve.

You can draw it as a separate line but if you think of the speed of writing a letter as defined by the number of times you have to place your pen back on the paper, not lifting it off in the first place will make for faster writing.

Mouth: hold your mouth in exactly the same way that you would if you were saying the sound of the 'ch' in the word 'chips'. Allow air to pass once you start saying it so that you make a sort of 'sh' sound that just starts with a 'ch'.
Tongue: Curved so that the front of your tongue (not the tip) touches the back of your tooth ridge.
Soft Palette: blocking nose
Lips: apart
Vocal Chords: Not used
Aspirated: Yes

Confusion: ਛ ਙ ਫ ਢ
Reading: ਛ, ਙ, ਫ and ਢ all have subtle differences but you will soon get to know them with practice.
Writing: ਛ and ਫ can be confused but remember that there are two loops at the bottom and that it is drawn the other way around.

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