PDF Files . . .

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Character Reference Sheets . . .

This is an A4 PDF file giving all of the Gurmukhi characters on just two sides.

Click here for 'btc-gurguide.pdf': 77,138Bytes.

Character Differentiation Sheet . . .

This is an A4 PDF file with all of the Gurmukhi characters in groups where confusion can occur. Letters are listed across the top of each group, putting them out of context to enhance recognition of letters in isolation; and, letters are also highlighted in the alphabet in order putting in context where needed.

Letters are read out from each list and if necessary, they can be seen in the context of the complete alphabet.

Click here for 'btc-gurmukhi_diff-let.pdf': 46,873Bytes.

Writing Practice Sheets . . .

This is an A4 PDF file giving all of the Gurmukhi characters on just four sides for you to practice writing on.

Click here for 'btc-gurguideprac.pdf': 40,262Bytes.

Gurmukhi Flash-Cards . . .

These are flash cards to be printed out on A4 card stock, laminated and then cut up.

Except for the A5 PDF file, each file to download (ZIP - Windows or TAR.GZ - UNIX) is an archive of PDF files, one for each sheet/side of A4. Within each archive file, the PDF files give all of the Gurmukhi characters.

They come in three sizes:

One on one sheet (A5) . . .

These are 1, A5, class-room-sized, single-sided cards (or you can print them two on one sheet of A4) for each letter.

Download 'btc-gur-a5-flash.pdf': 74,395Bytes.


Four on one sheet . . .

These are four, class-room-sized, single-sided cards on one sheet of A4.

Download 'btc-gurmukhi_flash-4.tar.gz': 308,128Bytes.

Download 'btc-gurmukhi_flash-4.zip': 335,014Bytes.


Nine on one sheet . . .

These are nine, double-sided cards on one sheet of A4, suitable for one-to-one. Again, print onto card stock, on both sides (the 'r' file is laterally reversed) then laminate and cut out.

Download 'btc-gurmukhi_flash-9.tar.gz': 376,042Bytes.

Download 'btc-gurmukhi_flash-9.zip': 421,234Bytes.

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Punjabi Numbers . . .

Two, single-sided A4 sheets as PDF files giving all of the Punjabi numbers from 0-100 on one side.

Punjabi numbers and names only.

Single sheet, three columns of numbers and names.

Download 'btc-numbers-gur.pdf': 33,020Bytes.


Numbers in English and Punjabi.

Single sheet, two columns of numbers and names in Punjabi and English.

Download 'btc-numbers-eng.pdf': 46,542Bytes.

Using Gurmukhi with English words . . .

A guide to using Gurmukhi to write English - you can practice writign Gurmukhi but using a language that you already know, thus you are required only to think about the characters that you are writing.

The first page shows English written in Gurmukhi, along with the original English text by its side and, the second page gives hints on what to do yourself.

Download 'btc-gur_eng.pdf': 80,494Bytes.

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