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PG Patiala font comparison The PG Patiala font family is based upon the PG Ek Jot font family on this site. The font has been cleaned up so that the bar is straight - allowing you to adjust the tracking for each letter without it impacting upon the presented form - and the PG Patiala font is mono-linear - increasing its legibility. It has also a few additional embellishments which are detailed below.

Like the PG Ek Jot fonts, this has a distinctive overall shape which gives it its character - the top portion of the letters is quite a bit smaller than other fonts and the lower portion is expanded to give an overall 'bulb' feel about it.

The siharis and biharis are different widths according to the letter they are attached to, going to the base line and again, you can control this aspect of presentation.

In the cases where the letters are open: ਅ; ਖ; ਘ; ਪ; ਮ; and, ਖ਼, the siharis and biharis also have a form that is open when they are used with and again, this aspect is controlled when you typeset in the font.

There is a feature that is additional to the PG Ek Jot fonts in that where many of the letters have a form where the base line is shortened significantly when it is at the beginning of a word, in PG Patiala, there is an option to move the character to the left slightly so that the left side of it can 'tuck' into any available space in the character on the left where this is possible. The left end of the bar stays the same but the rest of the character moves to the left slightly. There is also the underscore character which adds a small amount of bar where you might need that and, as mentioned above, you can change the tracking so that you get just the amount you need.

Finally, the horda is quite long in the font so there are a number of variants that allow you to select the length that most suits your requirements.

As always, the font's glyphs occupy both the standard Unicode range for Gurmukhi as well as the ASCII Latin range. As I have found that the unicode standards are implemented so irregularly from system to system and even program to program, I have made all of the glyph enhancements available to the ASCII range so all you have to do it type normal Latin letters and Gurmukhi appears. Just remember to type the sihari in first.

PG Patiala font Initial form illustration The first letter of each word, except for when there is a sihari there, has the opportunity to have a shortened bar. The extent to which it can be shortened depends upon the letter and some letters lend themselves to this so ineffectually, that they are not included in the modified glyphs.

You can see from the ਜ on the right that the extent to which the line is shortened can be quite a lot and you have two options in addition to just leaving it as the default length.

To display the slightly shortened version of the letter, input the letter as you normally would and then type a '#' immediately after it so in the case of the ਜ, you would type 'j#'.

To get the very short version, add another '#' (making 'j##'). If you find that a particular letter does not support the number of '#'s you would like, you can simply [backspace] over it and being ASCII, just the last character will be deleted.

PG Patiala font initial forms for each letter Here is a list of all of the letters that you can shorten in this way, along with the keystrokes and the resultant glyphs that are displayed.

The letters that are not included are: ੳ; ਅ; ਖ; ਙ; ਝ; ਞ; ਯ; and, ਖ਼ and, as you can see, they all have a very short left side of the bar.

PG Patiala font bihari and sihari variants and how to get themThe sihari and bihari come in four widths and two styles, making five options for each.

The default is a good all-rounder but once you have your text input, you can go around it and for each sihari or bihari, you can select the type that suits your needs the best.

On the right, you can see some example letters showing off the different options for each and below each example, you can see the letter sequence you need to type it.

Simply, if you have an open-topped letter, press an 'o' immediately after the sihari or bihari that needs it ('io' or Io' accordingly).

Otherwise, you can repeat the letter until you have the width that you need. In other words, press 'i' once and you get the default sihari. Pressi 'i' again and it will shorten; again and shorter still and when you press it a fourth time, you get the long version. If you need to fine-tune where it meets the bar, you can use the tracking and an underscore character if needed.

The text is just a string of Latin letters so you can simply go back a step by pressing the destructive backspace key as you would with any other text.

PG Patiala font Horda variants and how to get them The horda is very long in the original chalk drawings that PG Ek Jot was derived from so, like PG Ek Jot, I have done a similar thing here as I did with the sihari and bihari.

Again, the long horda is too long to have as the default so I have made an intermediate-length horda the default so that it will produce the best overall results if you are producing a mass of body text and haven't got time to go through it.

If you press 'o' for a second time, you get the shorter version of the horda and if you type three letter 'o's in all, you get the long horda.

Horda with a bindi is also catered for and it doesn't matter if you type; 'oNoo'; 'ooNo'; or 'oooN', you will always end up with a long horda with a bindi. The same applies to the shorter horda versions as well.

PG Patiala font noon and toon variants and how to get them Noon and Toon can appear on their own in text so there is no need for the bar to have to meet up with anything else and this leads to a special form where the bar is shortened from both ends.

If you press 'nUM', you will get noon and pressing 'qUM' will give you toon. If they are on their own, you have the option of using the shorter version so add an 'o' making 'nUMo' and 'qUMo' respectively, giving you the output you see in the image on the right.

PG Patiala font example work-through of contextual, above-line modifications Here is an example of one way of working with this and in my mind, it is the simplest way. Just type in your text as you normally would and then, starting from the beginning, work your way through each word, selecting the versions of siharis, biharis and hordas that you need.

On the right, you can see how the word ਵਿੱਚੋਂ is formed.

When you type 'iv~coN', you get what you see at the top. The sihari is around the right length but it collides with the adhak. The default horda is also too long for the same reason so both of them need shortening.

This is done by taking the cursor back to the 'i' and pressing 'i' again. This makes the sihari miss the adhak. Likewise, take the cursor to the end of the word and press another 'o' to make the horda shorter.

Additionally, the gap between the 'ਵ' and the 'ਚ' can be shortened so you can select the version of the 'ਚ' that is moved to the left slightly by typing a '#' just after the 'c' to make this shorter.

You can play around with this and experiment until you have it all looking just the way that you want it to. If you have a word with a horda at the beginning such as 'ਹੋ', or a word where there is a lot of empty space above the line before the horda such as 'ਕਰੋੜ', you can make that into a long horda if you want.

The 'PG Patiala' font family is provided in Light, Medium and Bold.

Example of artwork with PG Patiala . . .
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The image is 1920x1080p so you can set it as your desktop wallpaper and have a closer look if you want.

PG Patiala font gurmukhi free download PG Patiala font gurmukhi free download

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PG Patiala 3 Light Gurmukhi free download
Download PG Patiala 3 Light TrueType font 'pg_patiala_3.ttf': 76,948 bytes.
PG Patiala 5 Medium Gurmukhi free download
Download PG Patiala 5 Medium TrueType font 'pg_patiala_5.ttf': 77,616 bytes.
PG Patiala 7 Bold Gurmukhi free download
Download PG Patiala 7 Bold TrueType font 'pg_patiala_7.ttf': 77,584 bytes.

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