Punjabi Typewriter

Punjabi Typewriter - A monospaced, font, designed to represent the output of a typewriter. At 10 points, this gives 80 characters across on A4 paper with a reasonable border.

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Punjabi Typewriter font gurmukhi free download

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Punjabi-Typewriter font gurmukhi free download
Download Punjabi Typewriter TrueType font 'pnjbtype.ttf': 125,556Bytes.
Punjabi-Typewriter-Old font gurmukhi free download
Download Punjabi Typewriter Old TrueType font 'puntypo7.ttf': 134,344Bytes.
Punjabi-Typewriter_Engraved font gurmukhi free download
Download Punjabi Typewriter Engraved TrueType font 'puntypg5.ttf': 144,520Bytes.
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