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MFF Rocket font Gurmukhi free download

'Rocket' is a Punjabi Unicode and ASCII font in the style of the official NASA logo (which, it appears from the original style book, only consisted of the word NASA) and had been extended in the ASCII range by various people to make the various 'NASAL' fonts, but here, I have instead extended it into the Gurmukhi Unicode range in the usual way. Also, it is mirrored into the Latin range so that those who are using software that cannot cope with Unicode, can still use it.

It is available just in Ultra-Bold but what more would you want.

The font is programmed so that the character changes that appear automatically in the Unicode character set - the paer characters with or without aunkard/dulaunkard marks and one or two others - also appear when using the ASCII range characters.

Example of artwork with MFF Rocket . . .
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MFF Rocket font gurmukhi free download

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Miscellaneous Fun Fonts Rocket Gurmukhi free download
Download Miscellaneous Fun Fonts Rocket Ultra-Bold
TrueType font 'rocket_08.ttf': 34,820 bytes.
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